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Neighbourhood Plan


Consultation on the Submitted Plan

The initial SHDC consultation period for the submitted Neighbourhood Plan ran from August to September 2020 but was extended for a further six weeks from October to November 2020. This was due to an error in the process which resulted in a failure to consult with Devon County Council. In order to ensure that the consultation complied with regulations, SHDC decided on this extended period and apologised for the error. All those who submitted comments to the original consultation should have been notified.


Re-consultation on the Housing Development Site Proposals of the Plan

The reconsultation gave details of proposals for the east of Ayleston Park site which had been agreed in collaboration with the Community Housing Team at SHDC. The key points were for provision of 50% affordable housing to buy and rent, with affordability held in perpetuity, preference given to local residents and with high levels of energy efficiency, design and landscaping.

The undertaking from the Community Housing Team confirming this agreement was included in the reconsultation response document and is publicly available here and on the Parish Council website.

The community response to the reconsultation was 59% in support of the east of Ayleston Park proposal and 41% opposed. Every effort was made to address all reasonable questions and concerns raised. This information is available to the public both here and on the Parish Council website. Further, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), which reviewed all sites in Modbury and concluded that the proposals in the NP were sound, is available below and on the Parish Council website.

The response document was independently scrutinised by the Neighbourhood Plan Officer at SHDC who was satisfied that it was thorough and appropriate.

2020 Neighbourhood Plan

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