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Community Engagement Committee

Modbury Parish Council Community Engagement Committee

Monday 20th March 2023. 3pm. The Little Kitchen



PRESENT:   Cllrs B Price (Chair), P Smith and A Turner

2022 54C       Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Woodcock

2022 55C       Proposed by AT, seconded by PS and all in favour of approving the minutes from the last meeting

Matters arising:

  • Clerk to email Councillors requesting content for the Annual Review with a deadline of 9th May

2022 56C       Website

  1. a) The following work was agreed:


Create a link to The Messenger website

Monitor useful links

Cllr Turner and Clerk:       Add Neighbourhood Plan documents

Cllrs Turner and Price:     Create sustainability content

Cllr Smith:                            Review and edit content and add mapping

Councillor declarations of interest and biographies to be added after the May elections

  1. b) It was agreed that the clerk would build up the useful links section to build an “Everything Modbury” section


2022 57C       Social Care Working Group

  1. a) The Warm Space

It was agreed that this initiative had been welcomed in Modbury and that the use to date had highlighted the need for a visible community space in the town. There had been several requests for information about Council matters. It was agreed to take to Council that a permanent space be researched.


2022 58C       Annual Parish Fair

  1. Leaflet content was agreed – clerk to organise printing
  2. It was agreed that a team of volunteers would be enlisted to distribute the leaflets and help set up the room
  3. Promoting engagement from organisations to themes of volunteering and dementia-friendly Modbury will be the theme for the event


2022 59C      Elections

Clerk to put up a display in the office promoting the elections


Date of next meeting Monday 22nd May at 3pm in the Parish Office

Meeting closed at 4.45pm


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