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Community Engagement Committee

Modbury Parish Council Community Engagement Committee
Tuesday 23rd January 2024
5pm. Parish Office


PRESENT: Cllrs Barbara Price (BP)(Chair), Tony Price (TP), Ann Turner (AT)and Sarah Wyatt (SW)

2023 17C There were no apologies
Matters arising:
Community Engagement Policy – clerk to send out 2 examples for committee for consideration
Community Space – as the council has been given notice to vacate the current office, this matter has now become a priority and Council are considering options

2023 18C Proposed by BP, seconded by SW and all agree that the minutes from the last meeting are an accurate record
2023 19C Communicating Council activity to parishioners
It was agreed that there would be a standing agenda item “Council actions since the last meeting”
2023 20C Website review and update on actions:
There are 2 new functions available to embed the parish online mapping and add community groups.
– Agreed that TP to be given log in permissions
– TP, SW and Clerk to explore the new functions and consider best use
– TP to add Neighbourhood Plan content
– SW to add Councillor details
– Clerk to continue to manage day-to-day content and uploads
2023 21C The Social Media Policy was agreed for recommendation to full Council
2023 22C The revised Communications Policy was agreed for recommendation to full council
2023 23C Promoting the town post SWW work
It was agreed to hold an early community spring clean challenge (name to be agreed) with the purpose of relaunching the town following its period of enforced semi hibernation and ready for a promotion campaign to attract visitors.
– clerk to apply for a locality grant of £1000 from SHDC to match DCC grant
– clerk to request a grant from SWW
– clerk to explore other funding sources including MPC input
– Meeting to be held on Monday 19th February at 5.30pm in Brownston Gallery
open to all organisations, businesses, traders, groups and individuals who would like to participate in the initiative to draw up an action plan – what, how and when
– SW to liaise with the media to promote the event on the back of recent local media coverage
2023 24C Date of next meeting:
Tuesday 26th March, 5pm in the Parish Office
Meeting closed at 7.15


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