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Finance and Human Resources Committee

Modbury Parish Council Finance and HR Committee Meeting
6.00pm, Tuesday 19th December 2023. Parish Office, 2 Galpin St.


PRESENT: Cllrs Helen Nathanson (HN) (Chair), Barbara Price (BP), Tony Price (TP) and Phil Smith (PS)

2023 30 FHR There were no apologies for absence

2023 31 FHR There were no declarations of interest

2023 32 FHR The minutes of the last meeting were agreed

2023 33 FHR Grant Applications
– it was agreed to take these to full Council in January. Clerk to advertise that grants are available.

2023 34 FHR Budget and Precept
1. Clerk presented the first draft of a budget for 24-25 that was based on a 5% increase in the precept to £57,225 and showed a deficit of £12825.
2. Each budget line was considered and amendments made to bring the deficit down to £4180
3. It was agreed that this deficit could be taken from general reserves but a final budget and precept will be agreed once current tax base info has been provided by SHDC.
4. Various amendments were made to payment descriptors and coding detail to simplify monitoring and reporting
5. All cost codes used for maintenance work to be merged into one code – this includes
Parish Improvements, Parish maintenance, Parish seats and Play Areas
6. Ear Marked Reserves – it was agreed to consolidate these as follows:
– Community Support reserves to be moved to Capital Assets
– Neighbourhood Plan reserves to be moved to Capital Assets
– Marigolds Day Reserve (deficit) to be closed
7. Community Events, Modbury Well-being to be closed and deficit in those lines to be taken from general reserves
This will take place as part of the end of year close down.
8. It was agreed that the clerk would confirm audit costs and TP would research alternative broadband provision.

HN left the meeting

2023 35 FHR Scheme of Delegation- it was agreed that Committee would make comments on this and it would go to full Council in January.

2023 36 FHR Date for the next meeting to be agreed

Meeting closed at 8pm


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