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Maintenance Committee

Notice of Modbury Parish Council Maintenance Committee Meeting
Tuesday 20th February 2024 4.00pm in The Parish Office
To Members of Modbury Parish Council Maintenance Committee
You are duly summoned to attend the next Committee meeting to be held on Tuesday 20th February at 4.00pm in The Parish Office

Sally Smale, Clerk to Modbury Parish Council 13th February 2024

2023 41 Apologies for absence

2023 42M To approve the minutes of the last meeting
Matters arising:
• Concrete plinth on the verge to the west of Church Lane
• Emergency plan

2023 43M Tree Surgeons
To consider the quotations from tree surgeons for sample tasks and appoint a “go to” surgeon for a 5 year contract subject to satisfactory annual review (Distributed previously)

2023 44M Highways
1. To agree specification for road ploughing
2. Road Warden work update
3. Drain / buddle hole clearing update

2023 45M Replacement picnic table for Champernowne
To consider the quotations for picnic table:
£660, £735, £695, £600 (Octagonal to seat 8)
Accessible £570 (To seat 5+1) £695 (Octagonal to seat 7 +1)

2023 46M Memorial Bench
To consider the three proposals for the gifted memorial bench (distributed previously) and agree choice.

2023 47M P3
To consider actions to recruit new P3 volunteers

2023 48M Parking at Palm Cross
To consider costs involved with maintaining the parking plots and agree the charges for 2024-2025

2023 49M General Maintenance Work
1. Too review works done to date by MS contracting
2. To agree other matters not raised previously to add to the maintenance schedule

2023 50M Dates for future meetings


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