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Maintenance Committee Meeting

Notice of Modbury Parish Council Maintenance Committee Meeting
Monday 7th August 2.00pm in The Parish Office


2023 16 Apologies for absence

2023 17 To approve the minutes of the last meeting
Matters arising:
• Concrete plinth on the verge to the west of Church Lane
• Galpin St. Orchard – replacement of lost trees
• HMCEF fund
• Road ploughing – priority areas
• Drains in the town

2023 18 Play Areas
1. To consider outstanding maintenance matters raised at the monthly checks and agree a way forward
2. To agree review of work done to secure the MHPA following sale of the adjoining land.

2023 19 Footpaths
To consider the proposal from the P3 co-ordinator for remedial work on the Brownston footpath

2023 20 Tree Survey
To consider responses from other councils regarding their policy and procedures and agree the way forward

2023 21 Noticeboards
To agree action for erection of the three new noticeboards

2023 22 Update on The Patch

2023 23 To agree the way forward with The Emergency Plan

2023 24 To consider the way forward with Highways work in Modbury

2023 25 Maintenance Schedule report
1. To agree addition of Modbury Milestones to the schedule

2023 26 Dates for future meetings


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