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Modbury’s Marvellous Makeover

Modbury's Marvellous Makeover is well underway.Phase 1 has been all about cleaning up the town centre and streets and making it look welcoming for both residents, visitors and potential passing trade.

Published: May 24, 2024

This is a collaborative initiative between the Modbury Parish Council, Modbury Traders group and volunteers such as ModWAG, litter pickers, Cubs, allotment holders, residents and generally wonderful people!
Phase 1 has been mostly completed within the jurisdiction of the Parish Council. some of our wants are unable to be enacted unless authorised by external authorities such as Devon County Council  which includes Highways or South Hams Council. These were the wishes that have been enacted .

  • new poles and flags along Church Street and Broad Street
  • Replanting  of all existing planters and additional new planters
  •  Erection of summer long bunting ( new bunting on order) across the A379 and around the shops
  • paint the railings.
  • weeding, sweeping and litter picking, general tidying up around the town ( 2 weekends in April of participation by residents, business owners and Parish Councillors)
  • power washing of Health Centre Wall  and repainting
  • providing water butts around the town for ease of watering ( ordered)
  • washing wall in fullers ope ( weeded and cleaned by the Modbury Cubs) wall still needs some work
  • tidying up Memorial Hall Play Park

The Zebra Crossing will at some point be repainted for safety reasons

The bins will be replaced over time

hanging basket poles will be removed as they are no longer fit for purpose ( no hooks on which to hang the baskets)

Phase 2: 24/25

  • repainting the bollards
  • Painting a Mural
  • Giving the telephone box a makeover
  • Introducing an annual local business directory ( hard copy and online)

Phase 3: 25/26

  • New town signage at the entrance and exit to the Town
  • New Historic signs around the town
  • New nature signs as appropriate
  • New Town Centre sign ( we are here)



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